Xiaomi Pad 6

Xiaomi announced exciting news this year when it comes to tablets. We are talking about the new Xiaomi Pad 6 to be released later this year. Little by little we are learning the features of this new gadget and the most important one seems to be its enhanced processor.

What’s new?

More power

The tablet won’t bring many changes in style as it will keep the same dimensions as the previous model, and the same goes for the weight. However, it will bring advanced performance thanks to its processor, the Snapdragon 888. This processor is more powerful than the Snapdragon 870 which was included in the Xiaomi Pad 5, which seems to indicate that the new tablet will run more smoothly. Apps will be executed freely resulting in a better user experience.

If we add to this a 12-GB RAM and a storage space of 512 Gigas, we’ve got ourselves quite a powerful tablet. Will it be a serious competitor to the iPad and Android-driven tablets? We’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, the Xiaomi Pad 6 will be an excellent device both for personal and professional use and it can easily replace a laptop.

Enhanced screen

According to the leaks, this tablet will be an official device from the Xiaomi brand and possibly the perfect complement to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra smartphone. Besides a more powerful processor, the gadget will bring enhanced screen features. The Xiaomi team has added an OLED screen with a 120-Hz frequency giving the display much better quality. If you are wondering about the resolution, it all points out to a solid 2K, not bad for an 11-inch screen.

A tablet for each liking and each wallet

Besides all this, it has been confirmed that the Asian company will launch four different versions of the Xiaomi Pad 6:

  • L81
  • L81A
  • L82
  • L83

While the basic model will have 8-GB RAM, the premium one is expected to have 12 gigas with an enhanced battery so the device can run for 13 hours straight. It will also include 5G technology.

When is it coming?

With that said, we’ll just have to wait until Xiaomi Pad 6 is on the market to try out these perks. The company still hasn’t announced a release date, but it’s expected to be out there in September 2022. Together with this tablet, they will launch a new high-end smartphone, the first whose main camera will be created in collaboration with Leica.

There is no official data on prices either, but it all points out to the tablet matching its previous version with approximately 450USD for the basic version.

The Xiaomi Pad 5: top quality at a great price

Given the excellent reviews of the Xiaomi Pad 5, it seems that the Chinese giant will have a hard time to fulfill customers’ expectations. The Xiaomi Pad 5 was the first of the company’s products to be released internationally bringing quality materials and a fine design.

The tablet industry is a very competitive one, having to go up against names such as Apple and Samsung. However, Xiaomi found a way to step hard on this dangerous ground: cool features at an accessible price.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 surprises users with its nice looks and lightweight with aluminum frame to give it that premium feel that we love. Undoubtedly, they’ve drawn inspiration from the iPad family, and users are thankful for this.

The front side is mostly taken by the 11-inch screen with reduced frames leaving the front camera in the upper part and removing the biometric unlocking methods. Facial unlocking is possible with the front camera, but this is much less safe. To compensate for this, the 120-Hz refreshment rates are great when it comes to moving between different apps and websites.

The screen comes with LCD IPS technology and a resolution of 2,560x 1,600 pixels. When it comes to automatic changes of brightness, the device is not the most responsive one. It allows you to see content outdoors as long as the light is not falling upon the screen at a direct angle. Finally, if you want to use it in a half-light, the minimum brightness is too high, making it uncomfortable to use at night, even in reading mode.


The previous version of the Xiaomi Pad 6 has been well received by users. They report that the system works smoothly, boasting great-looking animations and fine tactile control. Besides having good vision angles, the Xiaomi Smart Pen complements tactile control.

But one of the greatest achievements of this model is the balance between power and price. Consumers are used to sacrificing performance to save a few bucks, but this is not the case with the Xiaomi Pad 5, which includes the Snapdragon 870 processor. Thanks to this, the device can display high-quality graphics efficiently and it allows the highest standards without affecting performance. Users will be thankful for this when playing games like Genshin Impact, for example.

After analyzing its predecessor, and considering the promising, more powerful Snapdragon 888, the new Xiaomi Pad 6 seems to have a great chance to compete with the favorite tablets on the market.

By John