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Compactness, accessibility, and weather: what’s new in the tablet world?

Tablet fans are excited about the features added to their favorite devices, not to mention the brand-new models coming in 2022 and 2023. For those who love a slim design with all the functionalities, Nokia seems to be preparing something quite appealing. On the other hand, we have LG, which is preparing an entry-level, 10.3-inch tablet for South Korea. But old favorites are still stepping firmly with Google adding a long-running app to Android devices after six years.
If you are a...

Xiaomi to release a more powerful tablet to compete with Apple and Samsung

Xiaomi announced exciting news this year when it comes to tablets. We are talking about the new Xiaomi Pad 6 to be released later this year. Little by little we are learning the features of this new gadget and the most important one seems to be its enhanced processor.
What’s new?
More power
The tablet won’t bring many changes in style as it will keep the same dimensions as the previous model, and the same goes for the weight. However,...

New Google’s Pixel Tablet to compete with the iPadOS 16 in 2023

The tech giants presented their developers’ conferences in the first half of the current year. In all cases, they presented some exciting news about their products, upgrades, features, etc. Google would not be left behind and presented a product to be released in 2023.
Just when we thought that Google had stopped building tablets, here they are introducing us to the Pixel Tablet to be released in 2023. Let’s see what it’s about.
The best announcements towards the end

Apple unveils characteristics of the new iPadOS 16 at the WWDC

Apple is one of the top brands to build and promote tablets and there is a good reason for that. This tech giant has managed to create high-performance elite products for its fans and keeps a wide number of faithful clients.
Although its detractors criticize Apple for being too money-oriented or for not widening its audience enough, what Apple has accomplished is not easy. Many brands struggle to create a loyal group of customers and this is something that Apple is great...

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