iPadOS 16

Apple is one of the top brands to build and promote tablets and there is a good reason for that. This tech giant has managed to create high-performance elite products for its fans and keeps a wide number of faithful clients.

Although its detractors criticize Apple for being too money-oriented or for not widening its audience enough, what Apple has accomplished is not easy. Many brands struggle to create a loyal group of customers and this is something that Apple is great at, whether we like it or not.

The Apple WWDC

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference was accused of being a giant advertisement strategy bringing practically no real value to developers. But, hey, let’s give these guys a break and understand that their selling strategy is based on publicity. This is mainly because they target end-users who are looking for more than just functionality: status and design.

Thus, the company held the event from Monday 6 to Friday 10, June and presented the cool updates and new perks included in the Apple products for 2022-2023. Despite various criticism from the industry, fans loved to learn what was next for Steve Jobs’ company.

Like every other Apple event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WWDC was recorded in advance and then streamed. However, this time they invited journalists.

According to everyone’s expectations, the keynote speech was given by Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, who revealed interesting upcoming features for our beloved products like:

  • watchOS 9
  • macOS
  • tvOS
  • iOS 16
  • iPadOS 16

The keynote revealed some exciting news

Cook opened the speech by stating that Apple’s developers have superpowers to collaborate, innovate, and create world-changing apps. After this, he announced the launch of a new developers’ center where engineers can interact with each other and the arrival of the Tech Talks. These are to be like TED talks only focused on Apple technology.

Cool new features in the iPadOS 16

The conference was a great excuse to announce the additional utilities and tools of the iPadOS 16. Next, we describe the main ones:

Better collaboration options

Users will be able to collaborate more easily thanks to the new updates. The groups will appear in the toolbar of a given document or app; thus, you’ll be able to start a call with any person on your team within the same app. The possibility to make contact without leaving the app results in smoother communication and better time optimization.

You will also be able to share documents straight from your FaceTime mainly in Apple’s apps like Notes and Safari. However, developers can incorporate this feature into other operating systems through an API.

Further gaming features

There is also good news for gamers with the new ‘Activity’ feature on the gaming dashboard. Players will thus know what friends are connected. An exciting new feature is SharePlay which is also a part of Game Center Support and lets others watch along while you play.

Other perks

The new iPadOS 16 will have system-wide undo and redo and a new reference mode with liquid retina. These displays offer state-of-the-art color quality which is particularly useful for designers. Finally, the new M1 chip technology was also added to the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Thanks to this new technology we can use a tool called ‘Stage Manager’. This is an ultimate multi-tasking tool that enables you to work with up to 8 different apps at the same time. These are separated into different windows with the main app running in the middle and the other ones placed on the left. The best part is that the display is completely flexible allowing you to swipe between windows and overlap them.

All these seem like great additions to the already great iPad Air 5 released earlier this year. However, if fans want to get the new version they’ll have to wait until the fall.

Other products also to be updated

Everyone’s beloved iPhone will also see some upgrades that will provide more functionalities along with nicer designs. The new block screen will have more styles available, and users will be able to customize colors and typography.

Another cool perk is the ability to add widgets to the lock screen so that users have access to certain functionalities without having to unblock the device. You’ll even be able to create different starting screens and choose the one that serves you best for each occasion.

Moreover, there is a new way to manage notifications on a lock screen with live activities in mind. Feel free to filter the content you see on your lock screen so that you can concentrate on what’s important.

But there is life beyond the iPhone and the iPad, and this was not forgotten during the WWDC. Apple Pay Later, for example, is a new system that allows customers to pay for any product in a 4-month period without additional costs.

Apple Maps, on the other hand, will let you save your favorite travel and transportation cards on your wallet to estimate the price of a given journey.

Finally, Apple surprised us all with its fantastic upgrades to its watchOS 9. One of our favorite ones is the new way to measure jogging training helping sportspeople prevent injuries and improve their technique. Apparently, now you’ll be able to monitor not only your general health but also your sleeping patterns with the Sleepzy app.

It seems that in spite of the criticisms, all Apple fans are pretty excited about these newly announced features. The tech giant knows how to keep its faithful customers happy, after all.

By John