About us

Tabletroms is a tech blog focused mainly on tablets. This is a wonderful, yet challenging industry that’s full of surprises. New products and upgrades are introduced in the market every year, reflecting the needs of the users.

The tech industry is the leading industry of the 21st century since it provides the tools to work, communicate, sell, play, etc. Social media, DIY platforms, video calls, streaming services, and remote work wouldn’t be possible without the advancements that the tech industry enables.

But beyond these facts, there is a whole group of people that keep this industry together: the consumers. This is why I created Tabletroms, a blog made by users for users.

Who we are

I am a tech engineer from Austin, Texas, and I’ve been in the tech industry for three years. My passion for devices, especially tablets, has led me to one of the largest development companies in the world where I’ve learned from the best professionals.

In my free time I do what I love the most: play games online. Although this hobby may sound frivolous, it gave me great insight when it comes to hardware and software. Since I use tablets both for work and entertainment, I believe I can provide valuable insights.

This is why I created Tabletroms, a blog specially designed for tablet users. Among other things, here you’ll find events, advice, tips, and various insights to help you buy, upgrade, or maintain your tablet.

As a tech professional and fan, I never miss the big events. I believe that I can learn not only from developers’ conferences but also from press releases, exhibitions, and forums. I have been to different ones both online and in situ including New York, London, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.

Luckily, now I can share my experience through my blog and help others make the most out of their tablets as I did.

Our vision

As we said at the beginning of this article, the tech industry is as wonderful as it is challenging. The journey is difficult not only for tech professionals but also for consumers. Unless you have quite a big income, you probably can’t afford to spend your savings on a tablet that turns out to be not what you expected. Hence, being aware of the latest models and their features can be of great help.

There is nothing like a well-crafted, informative article to learn about the new upgrades or the next hot tablet model. This is why Tabletroms is dedicated to providing the right type of information that can be useful and, why not, entertaining.

Our mission

Having described our vision, there’s nothing left for us to say except for our mission. Since we live in interesting times of constant change, we have no other choice but to change too. And, although it may sound hard to do, the process is highly rewarding.

Long gone are the days when a new tech device would be a novelty for several months. Now, there are new products every year and brands are competing for the consumer’s attention. In this context, a reliable, informative blog such as Tabletroms is important. With our curated content, we help you make decisions simpler and take the most advantage of our gadgets.

After all, we must remember that technology is not only about innovation but about providing a service. It all must point to making our lives easier, our processes simpler, and our routine less burdening. This is Tabletrom’s mission: to accompany readers on a wonderful journey towards making technology their best friend rather than their enemy. This is us; this is our vision and mission and we’re happy to share this blog with all our followers.