Tablet fans are excited about the features added to their favorite devices, not to mention the brand-new models coming in 2022 and 2023. For those who love a slim design with all the functionalities, Nokia seems to be preparing something quite appealing. On the other hand, we have LG, which is preparing an entry-level, 10.3-inch tablet for South Korea. But old favorites are still stepping firmly with Google adding a long-running app to Android devices after six years.

If you are a tablet fan or simply want to buy a new one, take a look at this news. This article features some stimulating facts about what’s next in the tablet industry.

Can the Nokia T20 be more compact?

‘Work, learn, and play with a tablet designed to last’ is the sentence with which the company HMD advertises its latest tablet. We are talking about the Nokia T20 featuring a 2K crystal-clear screen, 2 years of OS upgrades, and a long-lasting battery.

Apparently, now the company is working on a new version of the T20, to be called the T10, which will be a more compact version of its predecessor. It will come with an 8-inch screen and a 5,100mAh battery.

So far, we have very few details about the new gadget, but we do know that it has been certified by the FCC, ensuring that the radiation levels are below the Federal Communications Commission’s specifications.

These are good news for users who value safety, but we still want to know the T10’s features, which have not been announced. However, by analyzing the Nokia T20 Tablet we can speculate on the new version’s features. Parallelly, the FCC has listed a few details that can be of use and that indicate that the Nokia T10 will be a budget tablet. Here is some of the information from the FCC:

  • Battery of 3.8 Vdc and 5100mAh
  • LCD panel 1, HUAXIAN 8019-3, LCD, 8”, 800 * 1280
  • LCD panel 2, COE T080ET011-HD1-QT, LCD, 8”, 800*1280
  • Front camera 1, C&T, 2M
  • Rear camera 1, C&T, 8M
  • Earphone, signal line, 1.5 meters
  • USB cable, signal line, 1.0 meter

Everything points to a 60Hz refresh rate and a battery that can keep you going for up to 24 hours. If we add to this a 10W charging, an 8M rear camera, and a 2M front camera we got ourselves quite an interesting mix. When it comes to connectivity, the tablet will have the basics: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G technology. There are no official announcements about the price yet, but we can make some estimations based on the previous version. The T20 now costs 250€, after 1.5 years of being released to the market, which means that the T10 may end up costing less than 200€.

LG to include a Snapdragon 680 processor in its new tablet

Rumors say that LG’s new model will be available only in South Korea, but true tech fans still want to know everything about it. LG is working on a new 10.3-inch tablet with 4GB of RAM and a 7000mAh battery. The code name will be LGE 10A30Q and it will have a storage space of 128 GB.

Although we don’t know the full specs or the price, the 10A30Q is likely to be an entry-level tablet. It will have a 5M front camera, an 8M back camera, and a Snapdragon 680 processor, according to a South Korean tech forum. The leaks indicate that it will be a limited edition only available in the said country.

Google upgrades its App to include the Weather function

Now that Google has decided to give tablet building a new shot, they are decided to take their OS to the next level. Thus, they implemented important updates for the Android 13 tablet version and added their own apps. The last of Google’s functionalities to hit the Android tablets is the Weather App. Coincidentally, one week after Apple announced the inclusion of its Weather App in the new iPadOS 16.

Google’s Weather App has been included in Android smartphones since 2016, which means we had to wait 6 years for it to be included in tablets as well. Although this is not an app in and of itself (it comes in the Google app bundle) it provides a thorough weather prediction.

If you have an Android smartphone you’ve probably added this as a widget to the main screen and, after clicking you access different statistics for the current day and 10 days ahead. Now, this feature will also be available in the Google App for tablets.

The update has been available since the version of the Google App and the interface is the same one that you’ll find on mobile devices: three tabs with predictions for the current day, the next day, and the following 10 days. The first time you open the weather prediction you’ll have the option to add direct access on the main page.


The Most Powerful Brands

The tech world is full of surprises, and this is one of the main reasons why we love it. Besides the most powerful brands like Apple and Microsoft, other players are also striving to make their devices better. Competition is tough, but companies like LG, Nokia, and Google are implementing new features to make their tablets more competitive.

Whether you want a slimmer version, an entry-level new device, or simply use the same app that you’ve been using on your phone for the last 6 years, these brands have something great to offer you.

By John