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Setting up and confirming Fastboot & ADB 1.) Make a folder on your desktop called: tools 2.) Download and place it in the tools folder that you created in step 1. 3.) Extract the executable files into the current folder. 4.) Delete (optional) 5.) Open your terminal and type: cd Desktop/tools 6.) Type: [...]

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Toshiba announced they will be sending out an OTA update next week to resolve the sleep bug . The bug, which has affected nearly every Tegra2 device, prevents waking up from sleep mode. Some users had to do a full reboot, while a smaller number needed to remove and reinstall the battery to bring it [...]

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Due to popular demand, Tabletroms has decided to officially support the Thrive. We are in need of hackers, developers and testers. Anyone who was involved in the initial effort is welcome to join as well as anyone else who has an interest. It is not necessary to be be highly experienced-several of our current developers [...]

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A huge collaboration was started early on the morning of 7/25, with several members of our development team, along with Toshiba Thrive owners recruited from their Toshiba Thrive forum . The object was to gain root and superuser access to the thrive tablet. Along the way, this effort included zerofeel(who initiated the idea), DJSteve, RaYmAn, Blazingwolf, [...]

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I recently was at a local electronic retailer who had several tablets out for display. I decided to check out how they stack up against each other, so following is my impressions. The Toshiba Thrive, with HC 3.1, was first up. Right away, I was impressed by the screen. It seems very bright, with excellent [...]

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Toshiba’s Thrive has encountered a few problems. Many users are reporting that the tablet won’t wake up from standby on a consistent basis. The opposite problem is also appearing, with the tablet randomly waking up from standby by itself. Toshiba’s own forum has page after page of users reporting problems, but no solution is yet [...]

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Due for release on July 10th, it seems the Toshiba Thrive will have a few interesting features to set it apart from it’s competitors. It’s hardware specs are mostly pretty standard-1Ghz Tegra 2 processor, 10.1″ LED screen, 8,16, or 32Gb memory, and front & rear cameras. Where it starts to get good is in the [...]

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Toshiba AC100 Honeycomb Port

Pipposanta of has posted his port of Honeycomb for the Toshiba AC100.  To download this rom, please visit [ HERE ]