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By Will765 On 30 Jun, 2011 At 06:56 PM | Categorized As News | With 2 Comments

With the success of it’s Transformer tablet, Asus is leading the pack of android tablets looking to challenge Apple’s IPad. Estimates are the company has shipped around 400,000 tablets in the first half of this year. While that includes all their tablets, it’s a pretty good bet the transformer made up the bulk of those [...]

By admin On 21 Jun, 2011 At 12:06 AM | Categorized As Roms | With 2 Comments
tablet ASUS transformer 03

Factory 3.1 NVFlash Recovery Roms For Asus Transformer (TF101) + Update to 3.2 Everyone has been asking for these so I decided to put a set together. These can be used to take your Asus Transformer all the way back to the stock 3.1 rom that was shipped on the transformer. Credits go to Rayman [...]

By admin On 13 Jun, 2011 At 01:19 PM | Categorized As Videos | With 2 Comments

In this video by Albert Wertz of the team you will learn how to NVFlash your Asus Transformer using the tools provided by the team and the Prime ROM provided by Roach. 

By admin On 12 Jun, 2011 At 07:00 PM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

We have made it to delivery day of the much awaited recovery tools and first nvflashed based custom recovery rom for the Asus Transformer TF101.  This work will be brought to you by the team over at (RaYmAn, and Bumble-Bee), Roach (Creator: Prime Rom) and the team. In an effort to provide you with [...]

By admin On 8 Jun, 2011 At 10:14 PM | Categorized As Roms | With 2 Comments

This ROM was designed by Roach for the Asus Transformer TF101.  This ROM has many great features including: Root, TUN, CIFS, Clock Work Mod, etc.  This ROM has been deodexed and tweaked for maximum performance.  I would highly recommend this ROM to anyone looking to get the most out of their ASUS transformer. For download [...]

By admin On 8 Jun, 2011 At 03:06 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

RaYmAn of the crew and his partner Bumble-Bee have managed to obtain and release the secure boot key for the Asus Transformer.    This is the same group that already released the root for device eariler in the year. For those who are wondering the secure boot key is: 0x1682CCD8 0x8A1A43EA 0xA532EEB6 0xECFE1D98 RaymAns also [...]

By admin On 30 May, 2011 At 10:47 PM | Categorized As Leaks, News | With 2 Comments
Asus Transformer

The Android 3.1 update for the Asus Transformer has been leaked.  This update comes with some improvements to stability, resizable widgets, and a few other goodies.  I have personally installed this update on my transformer without a hitch. There is also a second update provided for users who want to have a rooted copy of [...]