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By Macktion On 24 Feb, 2014 At 05:39 PM | Categorized As Device Reviews, Featured | With 0 Comments

  The Lenovo Miix 8 2 Its fitting that the Miix has an 8 inch version, 8 inches has always struck me as an in-between size. Between to big to be easily portable (10 inches) and larger than the easily portable sizes of 7 inches and below. Its fitting then, that this device with its [...]

By Macktion On 21 Aug, 2012 At 09:24 PM | Categorized As Device Reviews, News | With 2 Comments

So, Remember CES back in January? That was when we first saw Visual Land. Some of you may recognize their involvement in our forums, passing along information about the tablets, and Visual Land has even supplied us with firmware so people who fall outside of warranty can recover their tablets when there is a problem. [...]

By Macktion On 15 May, 2012 At 05:25 PM | Categorized As News, Videos | With 2 Comments

Howdy folks, So as you may or may not know, Ralph and I went to the CTIA wireless convention in New Orleans this past week, and did some interviews with the fine people there. Enjoy! Liquipel – VERY cool, by the way. Tablet Claw Smart Sleeves Wilson Electronics PayPas Wallet Huawei Media Pad 10 Clingo [...]

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  Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Samsung The Samsung tablet comes with: The Tablet Charger USB cable (for either plugging into the charger or a usb port) Headphones with microphone Instruction Booklet   HARDWARE:   The tablet looks great, the glass looks great.  It  looks well designed and well thought out. The Proprietary port is on [...]

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We have confirmation of Root access on the Filemate Identity Tablet. Learn how to root your Filemate Identity Tablet by following my guide here:

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Click the link below to learn more about this contest:

By Will765 On 12 Sep, 2011 At 07:36 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

In what appears to be a first, Dexter Picard has come up with a nifty widget. With a very simple interface, you can control if your device outputs to LCD, LCD and HDMI, or HDMI only. The last is a great battery saver, if you’re watching Netflix through your device. One caution, you will need [...]

By Macktion On 12 Sep, 2011 At 07:46 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

According to a press release given this morning, 3M, producers of everything from Power tools to Dental products, has invested in Pixel Qi. Pixel Qi has been rather quiet as of late, and not much has been heard out of their site since the launch of the Notion Ink Adam, the first device to ship [...]

By Macktion On 8 Sep, 2011 At 11:15 AM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

In a 1 hour and 5 min. interview during the “Dreamforce conference”, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that Ice Cream Sandwich would be released in October/November. Because of the reputation that ICS has already gained for being a universal operating system (working on both phones as well as tablets), and reports that the [...]

By Will765 On 7 Sep, 2011 At 12:09 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang recently predicted his company’s mobile technology revenue will increase from 2 billion dollars this year to 20 billion by 2015. This would be quite a change for the company previously best known for their graphics cards and chips.  NVidia’s acquisition of  Icera earlier this year will increase it’s penetration into the [...]