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By Will765 On 21 Jul, 2011 At 02:10 PM | Categorized As News | With 2 Comments

Yesterday, 7/20/2011, Netflix updated their android app to support more devices. One of those is the new Lenovo Honeycomb tablets. Apparently, by enabling the app for the Lenovo tablet, it will now run on some other Honeycomb tablets. Reports are that the Xoom, Transformer, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are capable of running the new app. [...]

By Will765 On 11 Jul, 2011 At 03:03 AM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

MrGuy has already posted an update to Adamcomb. One big change is that the kernel is now able to be overclocked. Download Setcpu from the market, and you can crank up the cpu to 1.6ghz. Of course, the usual disclaimer that you do so at your own risk applies. Other tweaks include fixing the media [...]

By Will765 On 8 Jul, 2011 At 07:22 PM | Categorized As News, Videos | With 2 Comments
AdamComb Screenshot

VegaComb AdamComb A huge step forward today occurs with the merging of the Adam version of Honeycomb with the Vega rom VegaComb. Thanks to MrGuy, Newbe5, ThinkDevoid, the Vegarom Teams, all the testers and others, advancements for both devices can be made together. For right now, it is the adam which will gain the most [...]

By Will765 On 7 Jul, 2011 At 01:30 PM | Categorized As News | With 2 Comments

After a holiday weekend in the US, it’s time to see what’s new at Tabletroms. First off, Zerofeel has announced that Roebeet will be stepping back from tablet development for a while. For those of us who have seen and used Roebeet’s work across several platforms, we will miss him greatly. Thanks for all your [...]

By admin On 29 Jun, 2011 At 10:32 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

Author: Will765   June 29, 2011 This last week has seen exciting developments for various tablet owners at tabletroms. First off, Notion Ink released a Honeycomb rom, based on the work done by the development team here, as well as incorporating elements of the Beast rom. Non-rooted users can finally access Google Market, and see [...]

By admin On 26 Jun, 2011 At 11:21 PM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

Here is a YouTube video showcasing the new Aurora ROM created by member ThinkDevoid of  This ROM is designed for the Notion Ink Adam. This rom features many great features including Netflix support.   Showcase of Boot Animation Showcase of ROM Features To obtain a copy of this rom, please visit this post within [...]

By admin On 26 Jun, 2011 At 10:33 PM | Categorized As Roms | With 2 Comments

Earlier today (Jun 26, 2011)  I had the opportunity to test the ROM Red Aurora by ThinkDevoid of and though the ROM is not 100% perfect as its the first release, but this thing is amazing and quite stable for its first release. In this version you will find that he has added some [...]

By admin On 26 Jun, 2011 At 05:00 PM | Categorized As News, Videos | With 1 Comment

Yesterday morning Notion Ink posted that they were still needing to work on the GPS and Camera for their port of Honeycomb.  Well, I emailed Rohan and my team to see if we could help and MrGuy delivered once again with a working GPS.   This is not 100% perfect yet and there is additional testing [...]

By admin On 8 Jun, 2011 At 10:57 PM | Categorized As Contests | With 0 Comments

11-1-11 @ 11:09PM EST The below contest has been canceled due to the pending release of ICS.  All funds from this contest will be applied towards a new contest to help bring Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwhich) roms to the Notion Ink Adam community at       Last Updated [June 26th 2011] Terms [...]

By admin On 1 Jun, 2011 At 05:57 PM | Categorized As Featured | With 0 Comments

The much anticipated Kernel for the Notion Ink Adam was released via the blog over at, but this update is intended for advanced users only.  If this Kernel is stable you may very well find it in several if not all of the latest roms for the Notion Ink Adam and possibly even the [...]