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By Macktion On 20 Jan, 2015 At 08:26 PM | Categorized As News, Videos | With 0 Comments

Sorry for the delays, but for your consideration, we have the Video coverage from the International Consumer Electronics Show!  I spent some time on the floor, and had a blast.  Here is the playlist of videos for you to watch at your leisure. Hope that you enjoy them!

By Macktion On 13 May, 2014 At 01:45 PM | Categorized As Device Reviews, Videos | With 0 Comments

Mad Catz released an Android Micro-console near the end of last year. Some have said very positive things, others, very negative. Whatever anyone’s stance was, its absolutely imperative to admit: It has some impressive specifications. [VIDEO][/VIDEO]

By Macktion On 23 Oct, 2013 At 10:10 AM | Categorized As News, Videos | With 0 Comments

Like anyone else who saw the huge 20 inch tablets from Panasonic at IFA this year, I wondered: “isn’t that a little like trying to get a Ford F-350 to appeal to the city commuter?” The fact of the matter is that the great appeal of the tablet form factor has been, and will continue [...]

By Macktion On 14 Jan, 2013 At 11:50 AM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

Well, the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, but relive all of the fun with us:  

By Macktion On 2 Jun, 2012 At 03:14 PM | Categorized As Device Reviews, News, Videos | With 2 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 I don’t even know why you are wasting your time with the other 10.1 inch tablets on the market right now. Seriously. The newest tablet from Samsung is firing on all cylinders. Processor: a respectable 1GH RAM: a balanced 1GB Internal Memory: 16GB Expandable: Why yes, with a microSD card! [...]

By Macktion On 15 May, 2012 At 05:25 PM | Categorized As News, Videos | With 2 Comments

Howdy folks, So as you may or may not know, Ralph and I went to the CTIA wireless convention in New Orleans this past week, and did some interviews with the fine people there. Enjoy! Liquipel – VERY cool, by the way. Tablet Claw Smart Sleeves Wilson Electronics PayPas Wallet Huawei Media Pad 10 Clingo [...]

By Macktion On 25 Apr, 2012 At 10:31 AM | Categorized As Device Reviews, News, Videos | With 2 Comments

Hello everybody! Perhaps it’s because of my time living near Cerritos California where Visual Land is based, or their very attentive and cool presenters at CES, but ever since January, I have been waiting to get my hands on one of Visual Land’s new tablets.  And judging from the traffic on my YouTube channel, you [...]

By admin On 30 Jan, 2012 At 05:21 PM | Categorized As Videos | With 2 Comments

This is a how to video created by Albert Wertz of the tabletroms team showcasing how to create Nook Tablet Root SD Cards [WIP] Rom SD Cards.  Please visit the forums to leave comments or request support using the url below the video.

By admin On 16 Jan, 2012 At 10:29 PM | Categorized As Featured, Videos | With 2 Comments
Makiton - Tabletroms - CES 2012

Representing at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was Macktion & Leesa from our news team.  Check out all their cool videos below.

By Macktion On 13 Dec, 2011 At 01:51 AM | Categorized As Device Reviews, Videos | With 2 Comments

Identity Tablet  by WinTech (clicking on the blue underlined headings will send you to the video review) The tablet comes in a white box that contains: Identity Tablet Micro USB to USB cable Pouch Headphones Guide Charger Cleaning Cloth There are a few accessories that I would recommend getting as part of your setup, and [...]