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By Will765 On 8 Apr, 2015 At 07:13 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

This latest tablet from Dell has a rounded hinge somewhat reminiscent of the old Notion Ink Adam.  Housing speakers, it also acts as an attachment point for a keyboard.  The tablet is powered by an Intel Z3580 processor, which runs up to 2.3GHz.  Along with 2GB ram, and a 10.5″ 2560 x 1600 screen, it’s [...]

By Macktion On 20 Jan, 2015 At 08:26 PM | Categorized As News, Videos | With 0 Comments

Sorry for the delays, but for your consideration, we have the Video coverage from the International Consumer Electronics Show!  I spent some time on the floor, and had a blast.  Here is the playlist of videos for you to watch at your leisure. Hope that you enjoy them!

By Will765 On 19 Jan, 2015 At 05:16 PM | Categorized As Device Reviews, News | With 0 Comments

I recently got this tablet, an 8 inch device, which can dual boot both android 4.4.4, and Windows 8.1.  It is powered by an Intel Baytrail-T Z3735 processor, with a burst speed up to 1.83Ghz.  2GB ram, and 32GB storage can be added to with the microsd card slot.  A nice addition is a microHDMI [...]

By Will765 On 11 Dec, 2014 At 01:06 PM | Categorized As News, Uncategorized | With 2 Comments

Teclast is one of many Chinese manufacturers producing tablets, and generally are considered one of the better ones. They have had a tablet, the X98 Air, available for a few months now. The 9.7″ device came with android preinstalled, but Teclast has made available a bios version which allows you to install Windows 8.1.  This [...]

By Macktion On 2 Dec, 2014 At 12:57 AM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

Has the Concept of a Modular Phone appealed to you? The first rumblings of a modular smartphone sure made waves with its first serious concept presented: Phonebloks. The Phonebloks idea seemed to resonate with many when Dave Hakkens presented the design initially, back in 2013. The idea shook off the ‘Vaporware’ title when later that same [...]

By Will765 On 18 Nov, 2014 At 01:54 PM | Categorized As News | With 1 Comment

Notion Ink still lives, as evidenced by their release of the Notion Ink Cain tablet.  Available only in India, it is a Windows 8.1 device.  The screen has a 1280 x 800 resolution, 8 inch, IPS display.  Powered by an Intel Z3735F cpu, it is reasonably priced at $162.   For the price, it has [...]

By Will765 On 21 Oct, 2014 At 01:07 PM | Categorized As News | With 2 Comments

It seems that Microsoft and Intel are determined to make Windows tablets grab a larger share of the market. The latest offering, soon to be available at Walmart and Sam’s Club, is the E Fun Nextbook. The 10.1″, 1280 x 800 screen device will come with a detachable keyboard for only $179.  Throw in 1TB [...]

By Will765 On 10 Oct, 2014 At 12:12 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

Lenovo updated it’s Yoga lineup, with one interesting addition-the 13 inch Pro model. It has a 2,560 x 1,440 screen, and a very familiar look to those who remember the Notion Ink Adam-         Doesn’t that rounded tube at one end bring back memories of NI Adam?  Well, in this device it [...]

By Will765 On 7 Oct, 2014 At 01:43 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

  A tablet has showed up on the HP Store and Amazon, the HP 10 Plus. With no advance promotion from HP, it seems an odd way to debut a device. Perhaps there is a reason for being so low key?        It has a fairly nice looking, 10.1″, 1920 x 1200 screen. [...]

By Will765 On 16 Sep, 2014 At 01:36 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

This upcoming Dell tablet has a little bit of an odd name, but it’s a very interesting new offering. It’s OLED screen is 8.4″, and has a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Powered by an Intel Z3500 cpu, 2GB ram, and 16GB storage, it looks to be a strong entry in the onslaught of Intel [...]