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Andrew Smith


Title: Owner & Administrator

Bio: IT Professional & Android Enthusiast

Additional Information: Andy works full time as a Network Administrator and Software Analyst for a fortune 100 company. Andy is 31 years old, self educated, and has 16 years of professional experience under his belt. Hobbies include: shooting, modding electronics, and running

Andrew McAffee


Title: Reporter & Teardown Specialist - Elite Team Member

7 year certified computer technician

Additional Information:
Andrew has been vitally interested in computers since he was old enough to use a Philips-head screwdriver. Andrew is well known by the tabletroms community for making instructional teardown videos for tablet based devices. In his capacity as a reporter, he has covered several major events including the unveiling of Android 4.0.

Bill Anderson


Title: News Editor/Writer & Elite Team Member

Bio: Android Enthusiast, writer and editor

Additional Information: Bill works for a piano moving company operating in the NYC area. Likes to build his own, as well as friend's, PC's. His interest in technology started from a six year stint in the US Navy, aboard a nuclear submarine.

Bhaskar Shrestha

Bhaskar Shrestha

Title: Write - News Team

Masters in Information System (IS) and second masters in Information Technology (Software engineering). Currently IT Director in a 85 year old transport company in Sydney, Australia.

Additional Information:
I started working with computers when I got my first 286 computer at home (a great PC with 44 MB HDD, 256 KB RAM and NO MOUSE with DOS 5.x). I did my first programming with GW-BASIC, after borrowing a friend's book. Got first formal training in programming in Unix and C++ in 1996. Currently doing development work as a .NET analyst developer.

David Vega


Title: Assistant Administrator & Elite Team Member

Over 10 years of experience in the moderation and administration of several large forums.

Additional Information:
While not doing online moderation and administration, David is a Systems Project Leader in a major NYC Hospital since 1990. Prior to the 90's, David was in the US Army, stationed in Germany and got a taste of traveling the world, which exists to this day.

Jonathan Ucinek


Title: Writer - Elite Team Member

Bio: Honours Graduate of University of Adelaide: B.A, B.Sc.Hons. Grad. Dip. Education

Additional Information: In high school I once wrote an essay argued the question 'Science fiction, fantasy or tomorrows technology?'. I think the developments in hand held mobile devices have clearly shown that the devices we use today have come from the creative minds from writers of the past. The future in this space is certainly exciting.

Leesa Ricci


Title: Broadcast Specialist & AV Technician

Broadcasting graduate of Southern Utah University

Additional Information:
Leesa has a 'jack of all trades' approach to Videography. She has been involved in everything from Web design to Commercial recording, and enjoys creating websites for small businesses in her hometown.

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