What is HP Thinking?
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A tablet has showed up on the HP Store and Amazon, the HP 10 Plus. With no advance promotion from HP, it seems an odd way to debut a device. Perhaps there is a reason for being so low key?




 It has a fairly nice looking, 10.1″, 1920 x 1200 screen.  2GB DDR3L ram is good, while the 16GB storage is adequate, given the microsd slot for expansion. Add in Bluetooth, a 7700mAH battery, and android 4.4.2, it sounds like a reasonable, if unremarkable, tablet.  However, two details spoil any chance this tablet had of doing well in the market.

First off, the processor.  Is it 8 core?  No, sorry.  Is it an Intel Z37xx?  No, sorry again.  Tegra?  Nope, not that either.  HP has decided to go back to a nearly 2 year old design, the Allwinner A31, running at 1Ghz.. While not a terrible chip, it isn’t a top performer, by any means.  And Allwinner has already moved on to the A80 and A83T, 8 core chips.

Second problem? Price.  For this device, HP is asking $280.  Saving $30, you can get a similarly equipped Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+, with a better cpu.  On amazon, I found a tablet almost identical to the HP 10, some brand calle iRulu, for $170.  Same screen and processor, storage and memory.  It just doesn’t look like this new tablet has anything to make you want to rush out and buy it, until maybe it goes on a closeout sale.










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