Dell Venue 8 7000
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This upcoming Dell tablet has a little bit of an odd name, but it’s a very interesting new offering. It’s OLED screen is 8.4″, and has a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Powered by an Intel Z3500 cpu, 2GB ram, and 16GB storage, it looks to be a strong entry in the onslaught of Intel powered Android tablets.  And at 6mm, it’s thinner than either of the new iPhones.

What really sets the Venue 8 7000 apart is it’s cameras. Intel has provided a 3D camera utilizing it’s Realsense technology. On the tablet’s back side is a regular 8 megapixel camera. Additionally, there is a strip containing two .9 megapixel cameras.

That little thin strip on the bottom of the device has the two additional cameras set about eye’s length apart.  Using the provided software, you can do some pretty impressive photo editing.  A tap on the photo will change the focus to wherever you want.  This is on the finished photo, not while preparing to take it.  Different layers in the image can have their colors, tone, etc. adjusted.  Also, there are various effects that can be added, which are not quite photoshop, but lightyears ahead of anything seen before on a mobile device.  There’s also a measuring tool, where by simply clicking on two points on the image, it calculates the actual distance and displays it.  Another way to use the Realsense camera, is to block out the background while making a Skype call.  Useful if you don’t want whoever you’re talking to to see your messy bedroom behind you.

Depending on pricing, the  Venue 8 7000 could turn out to be a very good seller for Dell.







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