Amazon Smartphone?
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As if Amazon didn’t already have enough items to sell, it appears they will be adding an Amazon branded smartphone to the mix.  The mobile news website BGR has had sources confirm what so far had been rumors.  The high-end smartphone’s most innovative feature is supposed to be a 3D screen.  Using 4 front-facing cameras(in addition to the standard front and rear ones seen on most phones, for a total of 6), the phone’s software utilizes them and integrated sensors to have  3D  effects without special glasses, or a special screen, like the Nintendo 3DS has.

The 3D effects will be initially featured on Amazon’s various stores, with product images displayed in three dimensions.  As with it’s tablets, the OS will be heavily modified, and will also be taking advantage of the 3D abilities.  A map application could change the perspective of on-screen objects by tilting the phone.  Wallpapers will be specially designed to show off the 3d effects, as will application icons and other elements of the UI.

The most likely release date is thought to be late summer, with an announcement as early as June.  Some specifications are 2GB ram, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon cpu.  The screen is 4.7″.   A lower-cost phone is also supposedly in the works, to be released at a later date.  Below are some leaked images of the phone, from BGR.


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