Tapatalk for Windows 8 Arrives
By Will765 On 19 Mar, 2014 At 02:01 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

For those of you who don’t know about Tapatalk, it is an application which lets you store the login information for various online forums, and then presents those forums in an easy to customize format. Newest topics, unread topics, participated topics, etc. can all be set as your opening view.  Reading, replying, and moderating forums from your phone or tablet is a lot easier than logging into each forum’s website in a browser.  The app has long been available on android, and recently was ported to Windows phone, and Windows RT tablets(both ARM).  Now, it has finally landed on Windows 8 x86 devices.  These are screenshots from my ASUS Vivotab Smart.


The app is pretty similar to the current android version.  One thing I couldn’t figure out was how to subscribe to a device forum, rather than the individual forums under the main one.  However, it works fine.  Windows Store has been lacking in apps comparable to Google Play and Apple’s offerings.  With Tapatalk, Microsoft takes a step towards delivering the apps that people want to see.

Here’s hoping Microsoft can continue to entice developers to port existing apps to Windows 8, as well as to develop new ones.  Wndows 8 is a very good touch UI, and the addition of quality apps like Tapatalk will add to it’s popularity.




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