Android Beats Apple in 2013
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From the first generation iPad in 2010, Apple enjoyed huge success and market dominance. As recently as 2012, 61 million iPads sold gave Apple a 53% market share, compared to Android tablets 46% share, with 53 million units sold.  According to an analysis by Gartner,  however, the trend is reversed.  In 2013 android managed to grab almost 62% of the total of 195 million units sold, with a figure of 121 million tablets.  Apple increased it’s numbers to 70 million iPads sold, but market share slipped to 36%.

According to Gartner, smaller screen size tablets are the main driving force behind android’s surge.  But going forward, these lower-end devices will need to begin adding more features to attract new customers.

Apple does remain the single largest seller of tablets, with Samsung making a big leap in market share.  Amazon’s tablet are not doing as well as anticipated, while ASUS managed to almost double sales.  Microsoft saw a nearly four-fold increase in sales, with a doubling of market share.  While still a small segment of the overall market, the debut of smaller screen, inexpensive Windows tablets could give Microsoft a big boost this year in sales.  Part of  ASUS, Samsung,  and Lenovo’s sales increase was due to their Windows tablets line.

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