Ouya Hardware Upgraded
By Will765 On 3 Feb, 2014 At 04:50 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

The Kickstarter funded Ouya console has announced an upgraded model, available now for a $30 extra charge over the previous model, $129.  This newest version still has 1GB ram, but the storage has been doubled to 16GB.

The controller is also said to have improvements,  which are supposed to reduce lag time, as well as “better” buttons and joysticks.  The device also has the newest version of the Ouya firmware, which is designed to improve performance of the console.  Another area that is reportedly improved is wifi, although it seems no details about this particular improvement are available.

The Ouya has been the subject of some speculation as to it’s actual sales numbers, and the games sold through it.  Games are available as free demos, but with a few exceptions, it seems overall game sales have been slow.  Perhaps the upgrade is designed to help remedy that situation.

The all-black model is available now in the US at ouya.tv, or amazon(only for those outside the US).

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