February, 2014

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  The Lenovo Miix 8 2 Its fitting that the Miix has an 8 inch version, 8 inches has always struck me as an in-between size. Between to big to be easily portable (10 inches) and larger than the easily portable sizes of 7 inches and below. Its fitting then, that this device with its [...]

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The maker of the very popular Candy Crush Saga game, King Digital Entertainment PLC,  is planning an IPO (initial public offering) of $500 million. While the game is undoubtedly very profitable, there are many questions about the company’s ability to sustain profits.  Overall, Candy Crush generates 78% of the company’s earnings.  A couple other games, [...]

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Often one of the leaders in many areas of consumer protection, Californian legislators are proposing a bill which would address the growing problem of the theft of mobile devices.  With the ease of acquiring a small, valuable object, cellphones and tablets are increasing targeted by thieves looking to make a quick score. Over the past [...]

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The Kickstarter funded Ouya console has announced an upgraded model, available now for a $30 extra charge over the previous model, $129.  This newest version still has 1GB ram, but the storage has been doubled to 16GB. The controller is also said to have improvements,  which are supposed to reduce lag time, as well as [...]