Notion Ink Adam II Launches In EU
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The Notion Ink Adam II, available since December in India, is now being released for sale in the European Union. There are 2 versions, one a wifi only, the other with 3g capability.  The wifi version is 219 Euros, or $299 USD, while the 3g will cost 249 Euros, $339USD.  According to Notion Ink, these prices include VAT and shipping.

The specs of the Adam II aren’t overwhelming, but neither is the price.  1.5GHz ARM A9 dual core processor, combined with a quad-core Mali gpu should handle tasks well, especially with the screen having 1280 x 800 resolution in a 10 inch package.  1GB ram, and 8GB storage are packaged with Android 4.2.2.  As usual, there are a good amount of ports-microHDMI, microUSB, and microsd card slot.  The small displays on the spine are only 100 x 5 pixels, and possibly will be difficult to read.  According to the NI blog, customers who bought Adam I can get a special discount on Adam II.  You can check out the Notion Ink blog for more information here-

There is a page there with the Adam II compared to a Tegra 3 quad core  in various benchmarks, and in most it does as well or better.  Of course, Tegra 3 is now over 2 years old, so the comparison isn’t as relevant as it would have been a year ago, with the Tegra 4 also being available for most of 2013.  Once again though, price has to be considered, and you’re not going to be getting a Tegra 4 device with a 10 inch screen anywhere for $300.   There aren’t many video reviews yet, so the verdict is still out on how the tablet is in real-life usage.












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