Kindle Fire Tablets Had A Good Xmas
By Will765 On 17 Jan, 2014 At 03:39 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

Flurry Mobile app analytic firm has released figures showing quite a jump in Amazon Kindle Fire tablet activations on Christmas Day.  The chart shows the increase in activations compared to an average day during the rest of the month.  It seems the Kindle Fire was a very popular gift on Christmas.

There are several observations one can make, using this graphic.  First, it’s obvious that Kindle Fire tablets are a very hot item to give as a gift on Christmas, compared to other tablets.  Acer being in second place is surprising, but remember it’s just compared to average daily activations for a particular device, not total number of devices activated.  Amazon sells it’s tablets around what it costs to build them, so they are tempting to buy for gifts, as you get a lot of bang for the buck.

One trend that strikes me is how the Christmas day activations versus average daily activations for the month have dropped, compared to previous years.  Tablet sales have been increasing year to year, so why is it lower now?  I would think that in years past, tablets were more of a luxury item, both in price and usage.  So it makes sense that people were more likely to get one as a present for Christmas.  Now, with greater popularity and lower prices, consumers are buying tablets at a cheaper price point, and all during the year, which leads to the drop in Christmas activations.

However you look at it, Amazon has to be happy with the popularity of it’s Kindle devices.  The recent promotions, with interest-free financing, and price cuts, make the tablets even more tempting.









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