Seagate Unveils Tablet HDD
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Seagate has had a 5mm hard drive available for laptops for some time now. The company just announced a new version, aimed at tablets.  Ultra Mobile 500GB HDD uses the SATA interface to transfer data at 6Gb/second.  Weighing in at 3.3 ounces, that’s about the same as a light bulb(incandescent, not fluorescent).

 That’s a pretty small hard drive.  So what makes it different from the version Seagate already sells for laptops?  For one, it has driver software specifically designed to optimize the device for tablets, and apparently android tablets is the market being targeted.  Battery life is claimed to be not affected any more than having a 64GB flash storage option, while  performance is equal to that seen by 16GB tablets.  The drive comes packaged with the Seagate Dynamic Data Driver, which also protects the hard drive against damage caused by drops, parking the head in 60 milliseconds or less.  There is an entire system, available as The Seagate Mobile Enablement Kit, with the actual HDD, Dynamic Data Driver, and a Reference Design, which relates to mounting the device inside a tablet for greatest reliability.

While it’s average operating power is 1.7 watts, it supports various sleeping modes, and can drop down to as low as .14 watts in idle.  The spin speed of 5400RPM isn’t as good as 7200 RPM, but the 8GB cache should help out in that respect.  Able to withstand a shock of 400Gs, your tablet will likely explode before the hard drive breaks.  Seagate hasn’t announced prices, but released the following statement:

“Coupling an ultra-thin, high-capacity HDD with software designed to optimize integration into tablets at a value-add price has allowed us to deliver a truly ground-breaking solution, enabling our partners to reimagine the mobile device,” said Steve Luczo, president, CEO and chairman of Seagate. “By empowering our OEMs with this revolutionary new technology, we have invited the industry to re-think the mobile market making this offering a true game-changer in the world of storage.”

Sounds like the drive will be competitive in price to existing storage solutions, and could be a welcome relief to the bottleneck of storage for android tablets.









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