July, 2013

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Although Google has failed a couple times already trying to get a TV set-top box to be successful,  it’s new Chromecast device may change that.  It has two characteristics which will be in it’s favor-price and simplicity.  At only $35, it’s way cheaper than any comparable device.  And it is simple-only an HDMI plug on [...]

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StumbleUpon is an application that’s a bit hard to put into a category. It’s kind of a search engine, but not really.  One thing it is, for sure, is popular. Between 5-10 million downloads on the Google Play store.  Available in the iTunes store.  Also as an add-on for Firefox and Chrome, as well as [...]

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Way back in 1976, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak put together around 50 or so computer boards. Selling without a case, keyboard or even a monitor, the early Apple 1 was sold for $666.66. In todays dollars, that’s equal to about $2,700.   In a very good deal for an owner of one of the few [...]