Samsung Ativ Q-Windows 8 & Android in One Tablet
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Samsung recently announced some new tablets, one of them being the Ativ Q.  It is a unusual tablet in several ways.  First, it’s 13.3 inch screen boasts an amazing 3,200 x 1,800 resolution, which is also bright enough to use outdoors, in sunlight.   Running a Haswell i5 processor, it also has 4GB ram and 128GB storage.  But the most interesting item is it’s OS, or to be more accurate, OS’s.

While it runs Windows 8, it also has Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean, available.  You can switch from one OS to the other via the Windows button you see in android, or the android icon in the tiles screen.  And, you can pin android apps to the tile screen, and open them from there.  Data can also be easily moved from one OS to the other.

With an S-pen, and keyboard, the device is a tablet/laptop hybrid, and somewhat heavy at 2.8 pounds.  However, it’s performance is more than adequate in Windows, and almost unbelievable in android.  54861 in Antutu.  That score is hard to comprehend, about double the Galaxy S4, which has the Exynos 5 Octa cpu-a quad-core A15 @ 1.6ghz  paired with a quad-core A7 @ 1.2 ghz.  Pricing is rumored to be in the $1000 range, which isn’t bad considering you get the built-in keyboard, an extra for most devices.  When it actually shows up in customers hands is anyone’s guess, as Samsung hasn’t announced release dates yet, but it will be a very cool entry in the tablet market.
















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