Microsoft Surface Pro Sell Out
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Although the Surface RT, which runs on an ARM processor and can’t run “real” Windows programs, wasn’t a very big seller, the opposite seems to be true for the Surface Pro.  Released for sale over this last weekend, it is now nearly unavailable for immediate purchase.  Best Buy has no versions, 64gb or 128gb available at any stores I could find.  Staples is out of the 128gb model, but it’s website will let you reserve a 64gb one to pickup in store.  As for Microsoft’s online store, it would seem only the 64gb version is available there also.  Whether or not you can actually purchase a 64gb device and get it immediately is unclear.

At $999, selling out the 128gb tablet is a positive sign for Microsoft.  Of course, there are mutterings online that the company limited the number of units actually available for sale at launch.  But it couldn’t have been too low of a number; there are a lot of Best Buy and Staples stores in the US, and apparently every one sold out the larger storage model.  Which, by the way, is the version everyone wants due to the Windows 8 OS eating up a good chunk of the storage.

While the Pro isn’t really a competitor to any current android tablets, it is definitely a contender for the money otherwise spent on iPads.  While the Apple tablet has been making inroads to the enterprise market, if the Surface Pro allows the already-installed, huge Windows market to seamlessly integrate a tablet with the desktop computer, Cupertino has something to worry about.  Personally, while I would not really consider an iPad, the Surface Pro is tempting-although too expensive at this time.










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