February, 2013

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There are lots of rumors swirling around Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, The Galaxy Note III.  The Mobile World Congress begins on February 24th in Spain, and hopefully it will be unveiled then.  Until it is officially introduced, the specifications are only guesses, but educated ones.  First up is it’s large size, 6.3″ of Super AMOLED [...]

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Although the Surface RT, which runs on an ARM processor and can’t run “real” Windows programs, wasn’t a very big seller, the opposite seems to be true for the Surface Pro.  Released for sale over this last weekend, it is now nearly unavailable for immediate purchase.  Best Buy has no versions, 64gb or 128gb available [...]

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For over a year, if you wanted a quad-core cpu in a tablet, Nvidia’s Tegra3 was your only real choice. Now, there are enough different companies making quad-core solutions that you can easily get dizzy trying to figure out which is better, in what ways. from the others.  We’ll try to look at the available [...]