PC Sales Drop, Tablets and Smartphones the Reason?
By Will765 On 15 Oct, 2012 At 02:18 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

Recent figures from two industry analysts, Gartner and IDC, show a very poor market for PC sales. The number of PCs shipped has dropped by the largest percentage in 11 years. Two factors are the main drivers behind the drop.

Firstly, the impending release of Windows 8 has stalled many sales. Customers, both consumer and corporate, are waiting for the new operating system to be included in their next PC. This same situation occurred in 2001, when Windows XP was about to be released. So at least part of the drop can be attributed to sales that are being delayed.

Secondly, the drop in PC sales is also due to the rise of tablet’s and smartphone’s popularity. Both devices are expanding their markets, and for now there is no end in sight for their growth. Of course, a consumer can generally buy a decent smartphone and tablet for less than a good PC. So the appeal of affordability is a major driver of sales.

Another factor is the lack of innovation in PCs. Ultrabooks were supposed to be the next big thing in PCs, but high prices as well as lack of the “wow” factor have lead to mediocre sales. While tablets and smartphones sport new features, form factors, and various other innovations at an amazing rate, PCs are very much the same as they were 10 years ago, with better monitors, cpus, and storage, but still it’s a box, a keyboard & mouse, and a screen. Kind of boring, actually, even if it is efficient.

PCs are in no danger of disappearing, of course. They are essential workplace tools, and it will be a long time before tablets and smartphones can totally replace the PC’s many functions and capabilities. However, every day the gap gets closer, and one day we will be carrying around our little PCs with us, plugging into displays, or projecting them, without the need to be tied to a basically stationary device. Can’t Wait!

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