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Jumping on the tablet bandwagon, Toys R Us has announced a seven-inch tablet, to be available October 21. The device is nothing very new or different from existing tablets, with the exception of it’s ability to limit web access for different users, by limiting access times and websites.  The news release gives out some more details-

Games: With nearly 20 included games, like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Temple Run, 100 Floors, Collapse!, Tiki Golf, Tiki Cart 3D and more, tabeo users are guaranteed to enjoy today’s most popular titles.

Education: Nearly 10 apps help children learn about letters, math, science and additional categories. Software installed on tabeo includes AlphaTots, Discovery Kids Putterbugs, Operation Math and TechCalc, along with five more learning apps.

Entertainment: Those ready to explore the world around them can find creativity, photography, cooking and activity apps, such as Putt Putt Zoo, Freddy Fish and the Stolen Shell, Camera App, and more than ten additional apps.

Books: Featuring an initial library, tabeo comes with iStorybooks, Candy Factory and Little Red Riding Hood.

A Cortex A8 processor running at 1GHZ, 4GB storage, and a 800×480 screen are pretty lower-end specifications. The mini-HDMI and microsd connections are welcome additions. With a price of $149, it will likely be difficult for the tablet to attract many buyers, when more capable tablets are available at similar prices(Amazon’s revamped 1st generation Kindle Fire is $159).  Ice Cream Sandwich will give the device some decent snappiness in operation.

Toys R Us is hoping to see this picture repeated many times as the holiday season nears.  Whether it does or not, remains to be seen.  The tablet market is becoming more crowded every day, and there are just so many choices, it will be hard to standout with this product.

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  1. Chimbitas says:

    It is a bit tricky. You can use Titanium Media Sync app but you will have to malnauly sync it all the time. But if you just want to do it once, then you should be alright. Also try this app called SyncIt Beta. Apple has recently introduced this. So it is just a matter of time that android will also have this feature. Stay tuned 0Was this answer helpful?

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