September, 2012

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After the (frankly) strong showing from Amazon with its new Fire lineup, it left many of us wondering if we would see return-fire from the good ship B&N. The Shots have been fired, and at TabletRoms, we are excited to see the results when the smoke clears. Barnes and Noble has announced two new tablets [...]

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Editorial by Andrew McAffee: Steve Jobs and Eli Whitney are not often seen as similar figures in history.  Perhaps this is because there is too much historical distance between us and Mr. Whitney, and not yet enough between us and Mr. Jobs.  However, I contend that in due time, we may see them as being [...]

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For the last 30 years, PCs have been the main drivers of the DRAM market. Obviously, there wasn’t much competition  until the rise of smartphones and tablets. Now, however, the tide has turned.  Manufacturers are looking to make as many devices as possible “smart”.  This involves not only some type of central processor, but also [...]

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Jumping on the tablet bandwagon, Toys R Us has announced a seven-inch tablet, to be available October 21. The device is nothing very new or different from existing tablets, with the exception of it’s ability to limit web access for different users, by limiting access times and websites.  The news release gives out some more [...]

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Amazon continued it’s quest to become a major force in the tablet market yesterday with the announcements of it’s latest devices.  The HD models, coming in 7″ and 8.9″ screen size, also have various combinations of storage and connectivity.  The 7″ models have 1280×800 displays, while the larger 8.9″ boasts 1920×1200.  Another screen design change [...]

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The Antisec hacking group released one million UDID’s, which are the unique string of numbers that individually identifies each iOS device. These were previously used by developers to track their app installations across Apple’s user base. In total, Antisec claims to have over 12 million of the UDIDs.  How were these obtained?  From the post [...]