Jelly Bean Comes To Asus Transformer Pad TF300
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While Google’s Nexus 7 had the official android 4.1 Jelly Bean market to itself, now Asus has pushed an over-the-air JB update to the TF300 tablet.  The 10.1″ tablet is now a mid-range device for Asus, with a 1.2Ghz  Tegra3 processor.  It can be found for around $400USD  with 32GB storage.

Users in the United States began seeing the option to update late Friday, 8.17.  Included are several Asus additions, such as enhanced power-save options, as well as updates to already-installed apps.  On it’s Facebook page- , Asus also says the update will be forthcoming to the other android tablets in it’s lineup.  Users who have downloaded and installed the update report the system runs more fluidly, which seems to be in line with most other devices running JB.

Asus had an advantage by working with Google to produce the Nexus 7, so it’s no surprise they are the first company to have a JB update.  Also, Asus is pretty good about not cluttering up it’s UI with lots of proprietary apps and additions.  These usually do 2 things-slow down the interface, and take lots of time to integrate.  So another company like Samsung, will probably not see JB updates for some time, until it figures how to make all it’s Touchwiz stuff work properly in JB.  Meanwhile, Asus users can enjoy all the benefits of the new OS, as well as bragging rights.

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