Smaller iPad, Bigger Fire?
By Will765 On 16 Jul, 2012 At 11:46 AM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

The rumors surrounding both Amazon and Apple regarding future devices seem to be going in the opposite directions. Apple’s 9.7 inch iPad is the perfect size, according to the late Steve Jobs. Anything smaller would be too hard to type on, or have many icons too close together.  That seems kind of a silly stance, when you realize Apple also makes comparatively small-screen iPhones.  Now that the iconic Jobs has passed away, Apple is reportedly looking to compete in the smaller screen sized arena.  A 7.85 inch device  is the latest supposed offering to be in the pipeline for Apple.  Not content to own the market for large screen tablets, Apple apparently wants to take on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and the new Google Nexus 7.  Speaking of Amazon, the company is reportedly planning several new tablets, with one of them being a 10.1 inch-size device.  Details about both the Apple and Amazon tablets are unknown, and really their existence is mostly speculation.  However,  both ideas make sense  for each of them to expand their market share.  Hopefully by the end of this year we will see something concrete.

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