April, 2012

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The latest figures show Amazon is destroying the marketplace when it comes to android tablets. In February, the Fire had an amazing 53% share of all android tablets sold. The next closest manufacturer was Samsung, with around 15%. However, Samsung’s numbers are a total of all the many different tablets it sells, while the Fire [...]

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Hello everybody! Perhaps it’s because of my time living near Cerritos California where Visual Land is based, or their very attentive and cool presenters at CES, but ever since January, I have been waiting to get my hands on one of Visual Land’s new tablets.  And judging from the traffic on my YouTube channel, you [...]

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The Galaxy Tab 2 gives Samsung yet another tablet in it’s ever-increasing array of offerings. The most significant feature of this latest tablet is probably the price-$250. Samsung achieves this lower price by reducing some features. Onboard storage is 8GB, while the dual-core processor runs at 1GHZ, down from 1.2GHZ in the previous Tab 7.0 [...]

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Microsoft today announced the different editions for their Windows 8 Operating System. Down from the 6 “main” versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 has only 3 versions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. Microsoft has touted Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro as the main editions of Windows 8, running [...]

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  April 22 will be the release date for this latest offering from ASUS in the US. Although pricing hasn’t been confirmed by the company, several retailers are taking preorders for $399 with 32GB storage. The 10.1″ tablet was shown at the Mobile World Congress show in late February, but no release date or prices [...]

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The collaboration between Google and Asustek was supposed to produce a tablet by June. However, it now looks like it will not appear until at least July, if not August.  Apparently Google feels the seven-inch device is too expensive right now, at $249 USD.  The delay in release is to figure out ways to reduce [...]

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Those lucky enough to have a tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich are usually not too happy with the stock launcher. There are several options, including Nova and Apex launchers, which are popular. A couple of weeks ago one of the most used mobile launchers, Go Launcher EX, released a version for tablets, HD for Pad. [...]