Kindle Fire Dominating Android Tablets
By Will765 On 30 Jan, 2012 At 12:12 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

According to a study released by Flurry, the Amazon Kindle Fire has totally revamped the android tablet market.  Unlike most other analyses, which look at units shipped and therefore not units sold, Flurry has a different approach,  by tracking end user application sessions over time. This allows strictly measuring what device is being used for actual user sessions, so the statistics are useful when comparing devices.

The numbers are easy to see in the chart.  Back in November, when it was first introduced, the Kindle Fire had only 3 percent of user sessions.  In only three months, that number has jumped to 36 percent, equal to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Some interesting things to note, are that the Toshiba Thrive has managed to gain 3 percent of usage.  Also, the “other” category has grown from 4, to 7 percent.  This is likely due to the glut of cheaper tablets that have come out in response the the Kindle Fire’s success.  Asus, Acer, and Motorola all saw their tablet shares decline in this same period.  Even more important than the usage figures, is what is being done during those visits.  When Flurry compares the Galaxy Tab family with the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire generated a whopping 2.5 times more paid app downloads than the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  While this doesn’t mean all that much to Samsung, it does to Google.  With the Kindle now equal to the Galaxy Tab in user visits, and generating twice as many paid app sales, it’s clear that Amazon is poised to dominate the android market.  It’s going to take a big push from Google to regain the lead it had.

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