Android Grabs Larger Tablet Market Share
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Strategy Analytics have released another study regarding tablets, and it’s good news for both android and Apple. Overall, 66.9 million tablets were shipped in 2011, up from 18.6 million in 2010. In the fourth quarter alone, 26.8 million units went out. Of course, the holiday season is typically the biggest quarter for sales.  Still, the number for last year’s fourth quarter was 10.7 million, with the vast majority of those being iPads. Now, the android tablets have begun to surge into the overall market share significantly.  Last year, the android tablets had a 29% share of the market in the 4th quarter.  This year, it increased to 39%.  Some things to note, however, when looking into these numbers.  First of all, the Apple numbers of 15.4 million units for 2011 4th quarter are all for devices sold.  Android numbers are for devices shipped, which may be sitting on a warehouse shelf somewhere.  Also, the huge increase in total tablet tablet sales for the year in 2011 hides the fact that Apple, who sold around 12.6 million units in 2010, basically tripled that number to 38.8 million in 2012.  So it’s not really that android stole any sales from Apple, it’s more that the market for the devices grew so huge,  something had to fill the consumer’s demand.  Between the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Nobles Nook tablet, and a slew of cheap android tablets under $300, many who couldn’t justify spending $500 on an iPad, felt comfortable buying the less expensive alternatives.  The trend towards cheaper devices seems to be accelerating, with the recent announcement by ASUS of a $250, 7″, Tegra3 powered tablet to be released-the  MeMO 370T.  Rather than go head to head with the iPad, it would appear the more successful strategy is to offer a lower-priced, but still capable alternative.  Just look at Motorola, who had the first Honeycomb tablet, the Xoom.  Plagued by hardware and software issues, and priced comparatively with the iPad, Motorola has only shipped, not sold,  about 1 million Xoom and Xyboard(it’s latest tablet) for all of 2011.  The HP Touchpad debacle also helped to prove the point that a cheaper tablet will be very popular.  So for android to succeed, a good strategy would be, in my opinion, to establish a large base of cheaper tablets to get people used to the android operating system.  Then, when they are looking to upgrade to a larger, more powerful device, the android platform will be more familiar, and also more flexible than iOS.

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