Nook Tablet And Amazon Fire Updates Kill Root
By Will765 On 21 Dec, 2011 At 01:59 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

If you own either of these tablets and took the steps to root them, the latest updates will kill your root. Barnes & Nobles version 1.4.1 OTA update removes root from the Nook.  However, if you rooted and  installed Gapps using member Indirect’s rooting method, it includes a little app called FOTA, which kills OTA updates, so you should be okay.   Another troubling thing this new update does is prevent users from loading apps from the internet, amazon appstore, or any other 3rd party stores.  Any apps already installed will continue to work fine.  Users are trying different methods to block the update, including  freezing DeviceManagerService 2.3.4, and editing the build.prop.  Since the update is still rolling out, whether or not these methods work isn’t 100% confirmed yet.  For those with unrooted tablets who have received the update, there seems to be no major differences noticed, except for the blocking of side-loading apps.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s latest update is also bad news for those having rooted their tablets.  Not only will it remove root, it seems it will prevent using the SuperOneClick method to redo root.  Update version 6.2.1 is rolling out now, and while it will provide some much needed changes to the stock experience, if you’re reading this chances are your tablet isn’t stock.  The good news for those who don’t care about rooting is the update does have some good feature changes.  The carousel, which displayed everything you had on the device, can now be edited to show only what you want to see.  Security is increased with the ability to lock wifi access(no kids buying movies while the parents aren’t looking), and scrolling speed is said to be both increased, and smoother.

Even though the hacking community is a relatively small segment of the total buyers of these devices, for some reason both companies seem to have gone out of their way to block modifications to them.  In the case of the Nook Tablet, it’s estimated that only 3% of buyers will root the tablet.  Does that seem like it warrants an update designed to break root, and prevent future rooting, with no other apparent feature enhancements?  And the Fire was supposed to be an “open” device.  Well, it doesn’t look so open now.  I’m sure the hacking world will get around the restrictions on both tablets,  but it is frustrating when these companies go out of their way to close off the devices to their own content.

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