An Interview with Vector66
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Hello again,

Today we are very pleased to have another interview to share with you, a man who needs no introduction.


Macktion: When and how did you get started with android development?
Vector66: I am not a developer, but my love for android started when I finally left the cluttered world of IOS and came over with my DroidX. I was very excited I could have my phone look the way I wanted and not how Apple wanted, even though I love apple innovations and CLEAN designs. (I am a Graphic Designer)

What is the project you’re proudest of?
My first experience to the tablet world was following NI and their dream, I then started to get involved in the community and met Greg. Working with Greg at “NotionInkFan”, including graphic design and reviewing the Adam has been great for me. I really have enjoyed coming over and meeting Andy at “NotionInkHacks” and then finally coming over to the “TabletRoms” community has made me more interested in what our team does. I continue to keep in touch with Greg and always am growing with knowledge of tablets.

How do you make a living?
I am a BMC Software/Support Engineer

What education are you/have you pursued?
I have an associate degree in Information Systems and have continued growing in the IT world with different certifications and also certifications regarding my BMC training. A+, Net+, Security+

What are your ‘roots’ as far as technology goes?
I have grown up being your nerd loving computers and video games BUT was never your TYPICAL nerd people thought of. I have always loved 4 Wheelers, The Beach and Sport Bikes. I then did sales for Circuit City for 9 years in the computer/Audio/Video area. This gave me tons of patience for people. I then became an audio/video nut. Went into hardware/software repair. I moved into the Army for 8 years doing IT work. The fun part is the clearances and places you get to see. I am a gadget nut to no end and love my video games (Console and PC)

Where are you from?
Originally Jersey Shore :) and now live in Central Pennsylvania (USA) :)

What are your hobbies?
Family, Technology, Audio/Video, Computers, Sport Bikes, Graphic Design – Living Life

Most interesting place you have ever traveled?
Interesting I would have to say Jamaica

What is the hardest project you have ever worked on?

Mr. Orville started every day with an egg, lightly boiled, and a slice of toast.  Yet he never bought an egg, stole eggs, nor kept chickens.  How did he get his breakfast eggs?
McDonalds of course!

Of course, we all know that the correct answer is that Mr. Orville kept Ducks!  :p

Our thanks to Vector66 for taking time out to let us all get to know him better. 

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About - I am just a college student, attending university in the hopes of drilling teeth one day. I got A+ certified at the age of 14 and have been fixing computers ever since. I have a wonderful wife who also web develops, so my apartment is perhaps one of the nerdiest places you can imagine (I have the periodic table shower curtain to prove it too).

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