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Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has come out and said there will be a Google Nexus tablet in the coming year.   “In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality” Schmidt told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sea.  Coming on the heels of Google’s pending acquisition of Motorola Mobility, it seems the company is finally doing what it should have done a year ago.  Although Google gave Motorola a lead in using Honeycomb for the Xoom tablet, sales were never particularly strong.  Following the Xoom’s release were a number of other Honeycomb-powered tablets, none of which were able to dominate the android segment, let alone challenge the iPad.  It is likely that, had Google made their own branded tablet, it could have been a market leader, and possibly posed a real challenge to Apple’s device.  Now, with the android market being so fragmented, it’s difficult to know in which direction Google will go.

Tablets such as the Kindle Fire, Nook tablet, and other smaller-sized devices are proving to be very popular.  So popular, in fact, rumors are that Apple will be releasing an iPad version somewhere in the seven to eight inch screen size next year.  So what will the Google tablet be?  No one knows for sure, but their signature devices always have some hardware or software uniqueness that separates them.  Ice Cream Sandwich will be the operating system, but beyond that, everything else is speculation.  One thing Google will surely do is try to integrate as many of it’s services together into the device, like Amazon has done with the Fire.  A possible pitfall for the new tablet could be related to Google’s android partners.  If the Nexus tablet has some unique features to set it apart from the crowded android tablet field, that could potentially hurt the sales of tablets made by ASUS, Samsung, etc.  So Google has to be careful not to upset their relationships with these companies.  With the Google I/O Developer’s Conference set for June 27-29, 2012, that would seem to be a good place and time to announce the new tablet, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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