Coby Electronics To Debut 5 ICS Tablets
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Coby Electronics is generally known for selling lower end tablets, with a reduced feature set. Many of it’s devices achieve lower prices by having resistive screens,  small amounts of memory and storage, lack of  GPS, etc. But now the company has announced it will unveil a line of Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, held in January at Las Vegas. This is a step forward for the company, whose low-end tablets actually get decent reviews from most users.

The new tablets come in a wide variety of sizes.  There will be  7″, 9″, and 10″ inch versions with 16:9 aspect ratio screens.  Another two will be in the 8″ and 9.7″ size, with 4:3 screen ratios.  All will have capacitive screens, and use the 1GHZ  ARM Cortex A8 CPU.  Wifi and HDMI 1080 output are included, and memory is expandable to 32GB-but no word on what they will come with.  Many current Coby tablets have 4GB memory, presumably to keep down costs.  The company promises these devices will be available at “incredible prices”, which they did not specify.  If they can come in around the range of the Amazon Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, they have a chance to sell well with their increased functionality.  CES 2012 is looking to be very interesting, as it is most years.


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