Apple’s Lawsuit Battles This Week
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It sometimes seems Apple must employ nearly as many lawyers as it does developers, with all the ongoing litigation it’s involved in. Some interesting developments have taken place over the past week or so, with the most intriguing being the trademark battle with Proview Technology. It all started when the China based company was going to launch a tablet back in 2000, and trademarked the name IPad in the EU, China, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.  Fast forward to 2006, and Apple made an agreement with Proview Taipei, the company’s Taiwan affiliate, to acquire the name.  Proview Technology sells monitors with the IPad name, and Apple sued them for copyright infringement.  However, a chinese court has ruled that the company does own the name in China, and was not bound by the earlier agreement with it’s Taiwan affiliate.  So now, they are suing Apple resellers in the southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Huizhou, calling for an immediate block on sales of iPads, while also seeking $1.6 billion in compensation from Apple.  This will likely end in some type of settlement deal, but stay tuned for more fireworks.

Another long-standing lawsuit has been the one involving Samsung, and it’s attempts to sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia.  Apple has succeeded in blocking Samsung, at least up until now.  While no Tabs were able to be sold since July, the Australian High Court has just lifted the ban, and Samsung will get at least a few weeks of sales in before Christmas down under.  And earlier this week, Apple failed in a bid to get Samsung products banned in the United States.  But they did prevent Samsung from getting a court order to stop iPhone sales in France, while litigation by Samsung to ban the iPhone is also pending  in the UK, and Italy.  One odd side note to all this legal wrangling is that Samsung is one of Apple’s major component suppliers, yet the companies continue to waste resources fighting each other.  You would think they could resolve their differences without so much litigation, but then, that would put all those lawyers out of work, and we can’t have that, can we?


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