OnLive Gaming Now on Tablets
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OnLive’s gaming service, previously available only on PCs and TVs, is now coming to iOS and android devices. The service relies on the actual graphics computing being done remotely, and the resulting video is then streamed to your device. For tablets, one key factor in fully enjoying the games is the new wireless controller.  While touchscreens are good for certain games, on many others you just really need a separate controller.  For $49.99, the Bluetooth controller looks a lot like one designed for the XBox360 .

By shifting the graphics processing to the cloud, the service allows gamers to have nearly the same experience as playing on a more powerful PC or console.  One limiting factor, though, is your internet connection.  Streamed over wifi, how strong your signal is will determine how well the displayed game runs.  While 4G should be fine, 3G speeds will almost certainly cause pixelation or stuttering game play.  And if you don’t want to spring for the controller, you are limited to about 25 games out of the over 200 available.  There are some differences between the android and iOS apps for the service.  With android, you can buy or rent games directly from the app.  With iOS, however, you can play free demos, see trailers, but only play games previously purchased on another device-and no buying new titles on your iPad.

The service continues the trend of pushing functions into the cloud, like the Amazon Kindle Fire has done.   Somewhat ironically, with no Bluetooth capability, the Fire is limited to the 25 or so games that don’t need a controller.  A big advantage of this service goes to developers.  Instead of trying to squeeze down a game to work on tablets, they can make it as they want, and it’s graphics is limited only by the video playback capabilities of the device, instead of it’s processor, memory, etc.  The company expects the apps to be available as soon as they are approved by the Apple app store and Android Market.

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