New Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Rooted By Member Indirect
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Member Indirect of the tabletroms elite team whom is 16 years old has managed to work with our very own Albert Wertz to root the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet. 


Quoted from member Indirect:

I have gotten zergRush to work on the nook tablet as well as created a batch script for you to run to allow you to root your tablet. This does NOT unlock the bootloader software/hardware checks this is just so you can remove whatever unnecessary crap you wish to get the **** off your device.

You need drivers first:

here is an app to pull up usb debugging menu

Download Link:

How to get adb debugging enabled:

Download this or any apk, the attached one is wifi tether just so you can check root and whatnot. Now when it brings to you the menu to allow install from unknown sources, click “development” and then check usb debugging *there are two, just check both.* also dont forget to uncheck the auto-mount.
You can now gain access to adb *from what I gather, not entirely sure as my mom won’t let me mess with her nook tablet.
If you already did this then just grab z4root.apk and when it tells you to enable usb debugging, it should pull up the menu for it.


v1.0: Official release
v.75: Updated to install SU and superuser.apk
v.5: Initial release
anlog for finding out how to get nook color drivers to work and general testing
Team Revolutionary for their exploit
B&N for using android like good little sheep
suicideclown aka Albert Wertz for bearing with me while I tried to get it to work on his computer until anlog found the driver fix."

The original post with instructions and support are available below, please post your question there:

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  1. saied says:

    this is amazing. well done.

  2. Vince says:

    Great root!! Thank you for the work! Can’t figure out how you increased the size of the icons though. Have you posted an AWD theme?

  3. david coffin says:

    does not work with the .4.1 version of the os. any apps apks i try to install are blocked as not having been from the b&n store. ca’t pull up debug menu.

    • Mehran says:

      $329 for 16gb, plus $130 if you want mobile data.It’s baliaclsy has the iPad 2 hardware. It’s a fail. How can they release this without a retina display? That’s their bread and butter right now. Don’t be surprised if you see a new one of these with a quad core chip and a retina display in 6 months. I feel sorry for any poor sap who bought the iPad 3 as well. Their price point on this fits in the middle range for Apple products but doesn’t compete with the competition at all. I know this will sell, all Apple products do regardless if they’re good or not, but I don’t see what they’re doing here.

  4. nagymancs says:

    Android market: ‘ lcd resolution ‘.

    What it does: changes the pixel density. Some say the resolution aswell, but when you remote desktop (vnc) or make a screenshot everything will still be only 1024×600…

    Still its worth->more convenient in my experience.
    I found that for myself 150 is the best. Letters are still easy to read and it doesnt mess up the go launcher menu of mine. Mine has a gridsize of 7×6 btw.

  5. dragon says:

    I also have the same issue. I just bought the new nook tablet w/8gig memory, 1gig duel core processor, 512 ram. But upon unboxing and powering up i noticed in the settings its v1.4.2 from the factory. No boot from sd or any way too sideload apps or any way too root this new release of 8gig nook tablet. Just get a popup saying (only apps from b&n are allowed basicaly). If there is anyone that could help me just get rooted i would be very happy and extreamly greatfull… I have herd inderect and albert are the masters as well as a few others from xda, as a member(newbie) i want nothing more than too acheive a root on this crazy thing, many thanks to any help.

    • Kristiraine says:

      It’s fairly easy on 8gig NT using the directions for making a cm7 boot card for NT (does not void warranty)…on my 8gig NT I needed to plug in the USB cord (charging) then turn on NT (with the cm7 card in) and it boots to cm7 beautifully! :) Hope that helps.

      • Berryblue says:

        Krisitiraine….any time you root, you automatically void the warranty. If your device bricked and you were not able to remove root and send it in…they’d tell you that the warranty is null and void.

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