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Barnes & Nobles has sent out invitations to the media for ” a very special announcement” in New York City on November 7th. It is widely expected that the company will announce an updated Nook Color. There have been rumors floating around that the new device will be called Acclaim, and be priced around $349.  However, with Amazon’s Fire selling for $199, it’s hard to see such a pricey tablet doing well, unless it is a ten inch model.  One other possibility is that the current Nook Color will be dropped to $199.  Most rumors about the Amazon Fire turned out to be wrong, so at this point anything is possible.

An interesting side note is the recent price drop for refurbished(or certified pre-owned, as B&N says) Nook Colors.  The price has gone from $169-which I paid for mine a couple months ago-to $149 now.  It would seem B&N is trying to clear out inventory prior to the release of it’s new device.  Demand for the older Nook Color will obviously drop, and it’s possible there will be further price reductions.  If a refurbished unit gets down to $99,  I believe they will sell out pretty quick.  Even at $149, it’s a device that’s easy to hack to android 2.3 Gingerbread or even 3.0 Honeycomb.  There also is a new sd card rooting method available from Root My Color Nook.  With the cards, you simply insert and have MIUI, Phiremod, or CM7 running on your Nook, similar to the N2A cards previously available.  For those unwilling to dive into the hacking world, it can’t get any easier to mod your Nook.

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