Lookout Mobile Security Expands It’s Protection
By Will765 On 27 Oct, 2011 At 11:50 AM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

Lookout Mobile Security, established in the android device market, recently released it’s first app for Apple iOS. While many in the industry believe Apple’s tight restrictions on it’s apps store reduces the need for such a product, surfing the web or using web-connected apps could possibly lead to malware infection.  Lookout has now also updated it’s android security app to be optimized with Honeycomb tablets.  One feature is the locator service, pretty much what it sounds like.  You can make your device sound a loud alarm, even if sound is toggled off.

The free version of the app gives you several features including an alert if your are connected to an unsecured Wifi network,  and the ability to set which apps can use your location.  A backup/restore option lets you store contact data using a cloud service.  Antivirus and app scanning is also free, and you can access multiple devices, through one account, via their website.  The premium version, available for $2.99/month, adds several additional features.  The backup option is extended to photos and call history, while the Privacy Advisor gives users more control over what info apps may access on your device.  Remote lock, and even wipe of data is available with the premium edition.  One feature that is not available is the ability to scan external drives for viruses.  With many tablets having USB ports, this would seem to be an area the company needs to address in future updates.

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