aComb100 – Honeycomb for the Toshiba AC100
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This is a honeycomb 3.0.1 rom for the Toshiba AC100, based off the original honeycomb port for the Notion Ink Adam.  It appears that a lot of work has been done to adapt this ROM to the AC100.  The work has been performed by: pipposanta (first developer A3.0 on AC100), xxl-pda, Xakep_fsb, xandrster, big_agent & LicRen.  Check out the teaser video and make sure you check the forums for updated versions of this rom.  This video is in Russian, but its still does well to show the impressive work done by the above mentioned team.  If anyone out there would like to make a video in english showcasing the features of this rom, use the contact form to submit a link and I will add it to the front of the site.  Again, congratulations to team that put this together for everyones consumption.





Click here to learn more about this rom!

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