Barnes & Nobles To Launch 2 New Tablets?
By Will765 On 26 Sep, 2011 At 11:31 AM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

A report in The Digital Reader is suggesting that Barnes & Nobles may be about to jump fully into the tablet market. While rumors of a Nook Color 2 have been floating around for a while, it seems the company intends to not only replace the Nook Color with an updated version, but also debut a totally new tablet, codenamed Acclaim.
The pricing for the Touch and Color models will remain at $139 and $249 respectively. The new tablet is expected to retail for $349. While no details about the hardware are known, it would make sense that the new Color model would have some kind of hardware upgrade. This leads to the speculation on the Acclaim. For an extra $100, what will users get?  A larger screen size , with more storage?  It’s impossible to know for sure, but there are some interesting hints about what the device can do.  The Digital Reader article tries to make a connection between Gamestop and Barnes&Nobles, suggesting the game-oriented tablet Gamestop is testing is the Acclaim.  While Gamestop did spin off from B&N in 2004, the two companies are completely separate.  It would be interesting if this was true, since B&N does sell video games, and having a game-playing, book reading tablet would only increase the appeal of it’s device.  Much like the upcoming Amazon tablet(s),  there are few facts known, and a lot of speculation.  It looks like until there is an official announcement, we can guess all we want, but it is fun to try and figure out what’s coming.



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