Samsung’s Windows 7(And 8) Tablet
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Samsung debuted it’s Series 7 700T Windows 7 tablet recently. It is notable for several features. First, the screen is 11.6 inches, with a resolution of 1366×768. Next is the processor. Instead of an Atom chip, that is usually seen in tablets, this has an I5 chip running at 1.6GHZ. Memory is 4GB, and it comes with solid-state drives from 64GB to 128GB. With it’s full-size USB, micro-sd and HDMI slots, it has good expandability. It also comes with a dock, which has more ports, including a Gigabit ethernet and full-size HDMI.  Besides the screen, this tablet has something else that is extra large-it’s price.  Base models will start around $1,099, and upgrading options quickly raises that.  Here is one shown with an optional keyboard(bluetooth).

One concern with a tablet with such heavy-duty hardware is battery life.  Samsung claims it will have 6.6 hours of runtime, but manufacturers always seem to fudge those numbers higher than actual usage.  An interesting side story is that this tablet was handed out to developers at Microsoft’s recent BUILD conference.  The reason for that was, they had Windows 8 installed, and it was for the developers to use as a tool for Windows 8 application building.  However, several of the 5,000 tablets have begun to show up on EBay for sale.  So if you want to buy a Windows 8 tablet today, and have around $3,500 to spare, go for it.


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