New Toshiba Android Tablet?
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The IFA electronics conference, which will begin in Berlin on September 2, is expected to see the unveiling of a new tablet from Toshiba. This conference is similar to the CES, except it’s held in Europe.  Apparently the company feels that the Thrive’s thickness-.63 inches- and weight-1.7 pounds-is hurting sales. It seems the company is wanting to go for the slim, IPad-like style so common these days.  The new tablet may have the name “Excite”, Toshiba recently filed a trademark patent for that name in the United States.   Slimmer than the Thrive, the new tablet will have micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports, as well as a microsd slot.  One nice upgrade is the possibility of it’s being powered by a TI OMAP4460 dual-core processor, running at 1.5GHZ.  Not many details are known about this tablet yet, but Notebook Italia has published a rendering, seen here.

It looks to be about 1/2 the thickness of the Thrive, and probably will be around half it’s weight also.  The finish is brushed aluminum, and the screen is said to be nearly edge to edge.  So basically, it’s going to be another tablet that’s pretty much like most of what’s already on the market.  I guess innovation doesn’t sell well in the tablet marketplace.

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  1. Actually this new tablet is more different than initially mentioned here, as being just another tablet.
    its lightweight.
    Edge2edge display where most others got 10-15mm black border so you can hold on to its border, which i personally annoying and not needed. So better!
    although its much thinner with its 7.7mm its a worlds first, after samsung had it with gtab10.1 for a while.

    Although their previous product, folio100, had less to no real support and never got really announced as working, you might just believe that this new tablet will be a winner. Lets just hope Toshiba actually provide better updates and support this time, and don’t shut the door as you leave the store never opening it again.

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