How to setup and test Fastboot & ADB on Ubuntu Linux with Toshiba Thrive
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Setting up and confirming Fastboot & ADB

1.) Make a folder on your desktop called: tools

2.) Download and place it in the tools folder that you created in step 1.

3.) Extract the executable files into the current folder.

4.) Delete (optional)

5.) Open your terminal and type: cd Desktop/tools

6.) Type: chmod +x fastboot

7.) Type: chmod +x adb

8.) Power your tablet off.

9.) Enter recovery by selecting VOL+ and power until the device buzzes.

10.) Select fastboot by: Pressing VOL- once to highlight the usb icon, then press the power button once. If successful your Toshiba Thrive should display “Starting Fastboot USB download protocol”

11.) from the terminal window enter the following command:
sudo ./fastboot devices

12.) If Fastboot is working you should see the below value returned:
???????????? fastboot

13.) When you want to use Fastboot always navigate to the tools folder that you created and the enter: sudo ./fastboot command

Example 1: sudo ./fastboot reboot
Example 2: sudo ./fastboot devices

14.) Power the device on and boot into the Android OS. Select Applications–>Development

15.) Select the USB debugging box and confirm as needed.

16.) From within your tools folder type: sudo ./adb devices

17.) If the above command was successful and ADB is working you should see the service start and the terminal will display a list of devices attached. Below is the example output from a working configuration:

List of devices attached
280400343e10057 device

Additional Instructions:

Copy all files that you intend to push to your device into the tools folder. If you are reading this and you have successfully setup and Fastboot and ADB, you should be ready to head over to the root and ClockworkMod thread.


If you have any feedback or questions regarding this guide, please leave them in the forums.

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