Adam2 by this December if all goes well !
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The Notion Ink Adam tablet was one of the most expected tablets of the year 2011. It was one of those 10 inch tablets that was packed with the dynamite – Tegra2 processor !  Notion Ink had a roller coaster ride with Adam. The release of the tablet was delayed by several months. The day Notion Ink opened up pre-orders for Adam it was initially open for people who had posted a comment on their blog. Later it was made open to everyone else. All the Adams were sold out in just few hours ! It was not easy to place the order either, the payment gateway that the little company had used was not geared up for the sudden burst of traffic and we all know the consequence. Then came the big blow – Adamites who had managed to somehow sneak through and place an order started ranting due to shipping delays. And finally people across the world managed to receive their Adams.

Then came pre-order, this time payments were smooth, shipping was still delayed. There was a huge gap and then came Pre-order 3. Pre-order 3 was a huge success with the sales and shipping all being very professional. During this huge gap Notion Ink was busy fixing software issues. At the same time we witnessed spectacular developments around the Adam tablet – hackers around the world got together and worked with passion, the result? We were flooded with so many ROMS for Adam- Eden X, Beast, Beasty+Clemsyn, AdamBigdroid, Red Aurora, CyanogenMod, Honeycomb and AdamComb. And that is not the end, we can soon see Ice Cream Sandwich when it is released.

We have news from different sources that Adam2 will be ready by this December. Looks like Mr.Shravan, CEO Notion Ink loves to be at CES and we will see Adam2 at CES 2012 with lots of improvements over its predecessor. It is said that this tablet will have a much improved Pixel Qi display. We might see the Adam2  have the same processor as Motorola’s next tablet. If you thought Tegra2 is a dynamite, Tegra3 is an atom bomb. The tegra 2 processor was about 144 mm2, the tegra3 processor which Adam2 is expected to have, is of similar dimension. The specs show that this processor houses a 1.5 Ghz quad core processor with the following features:

  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 Core, up to 1.5 GHz
  • 12-Core Nvidia GPU with support for 3D stereo
  • Video output up to 2560×1600
  • 1080p H.264 High Profile video decode
  • The Kal-El chip (CPU and GPU) is to be about 5 times faster than Tegra 2

Tegra3 is supposed to be released in the second half of 2011 and ” if all goes well we can see Adam2 this december ! ”

Visit my blog, to know more about my journey with Notion Ink’s Adam tablet.

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  1. Will765 says:

    If NI improves the Pixel Qi display, has Ice Cream Sandwich, and the hardware remains as open as the first adam is, I would definitely look into buying Adam2.

    • avatar666 says:

      I agree wholeheartedly, my experience with the first ADAM, combined with the brilliant custom ROMs, has been an absolute pleasure! Now that NI has fined tuned their ordering/shipping functions, I’m sure their next unit is going to shine in all aspects!

  2. jlipton2000 says:

    Really? You guys are happy with the Adam? I think it has been an abysmal failure. I just bought the Iconia A500, and I love it. The thing works. I was always putting some custom rom on the Adam to get some basic functionality working optimally. I am tired of it. I’ve moved on. If anyone wants to buy an Adam with PixelQi and 3G, let me know.

    My experience with NI on all levels would deter me from giving them another penny. While they may be improving, they cannot compete in the marketplace. That means no official support from Google, which means that they cannibalize someone else’s hard work and pass it off as their own cough*honeycomb*cough. If it weren’t for the work of THIS community, the Adam, and NI, would be dead and buried.

    • richard says:

      Adam is de best tablet i have seen. Oke you have to use a custom rom. But if you both the adam and think all is perfect, then maybe your the failure.
      I stay with my adam.

  3. DK Samuel says:

    ADAM has been a total failure, everyday has been a new trouble. Something or other wont work, to talk of ADAM 2 is insulting

  4. hazydave says:

    I love my Adam… certainly not a failure in my book. And in fact, that’s part of it… it IS my eBook reader. For this, particularly in summertime, no other tablet is a good answer, for the simple fact I can’t read other tablets outdoors, on the beach, etc.

    I took the Adam along on vacation to Alaska, in lieu of a laptop, and it actually proved a much better device for travel. The battery life is dandy when running (terrible, by comparison, in standby, but fine if you power down), great for internet access, email, facebook, games, reading, etc.

    The main complaint I had: it’s not ready for use out of the box. I’m not even talking about any NEED to change ROMs, just the simple fact that the Notion Ink people don’t seem to be Android users, and so the default configurations seem a mess for anyone happy with Android as it is. The Eden UI is terrible, but easily replaced with a proper Android app launcher. And their memory configuration is Just Plain Wrong… all internal memory should be configured as “internal” memory — kill off the fake SD Card. Again, it seems like they really don’t grok Android from a user’s prespective; everyone knows the internal Flash is the most valuable kind of memory in Android, and as well, you want the real microSD card to work properly… as configured, it’s treated as a second class entity, only used by a few applications. I hacked this, of course, but they certainly weren’t doing themselves any favors by mis-configuring the system to such an extent.

    On the plus side, Android 2.2 is far more tablet friendly than I had expected — nearly everything runs at full screen. The PQ display is perfectly useful in the sun, and while it’s not to be mistaken for a Samsung or Apple screen, it’s fine with backlight. I would not buy another tablet that’s not daylight viewable, whether versus PQ technology or something new.

  5. Techemonk says:

    I have mixed feelings about Adam. May be NI should have worked on the expectation setting. I was so keen on Adam, that I brought 2 during the pre-order 1. Then notwithstanding the experience, brought one more during pre-order 2 for my sister. Of the 3 Adams (2 P-QI & 1LCD) 1 P-QI & LCD have had hardware issues and 1 was replaced after 3 months wait and its 2 months now and haven’t got a replacement for the 2nd Adam.

    I still love Adam. I guess it’s still a benchmark with the kinda stuff they put together hardware wise & design. HDMI, P-QI, USB, camera etc., but the support and rom have been disappointing. Not to forget a lot of things that were supposed to be bundled with Adam which didn’t make it. If not for community support and custom roms. Adam would have been on ebay for sub $100.

    I don’t still understand why NI did not go for Honeycomb, I read the interview Andy posted but it’s hard to digest reasoning. The only rational to me is that NI has left the ADAM 1 to community support & is essentially focusing on ADAM 2 with ICS on it. If true, this is very disappointing coz Rohan had said that Adam will be support for its lifetime.

    If Adam 2 is released in Dec., I wouldn’t jump to order but I am open to buying it in the 2nd wave.

  6. mr says:

    Adam2 wow, guys get a hold.

    Yes, I bought adam1 for a punchy h/w specs thats still on top but some basic stuffs missing:
    1. company responsibility of proper support
    2. very very lousy lcd screen with pathetic reading angle
    3. very poor wifi (looses connections within 25ft)
    4. not so great battery life
    6. heavy/bulky definitely not the specs that was put to us
    7. Havent been able to make the gps work yet

    1. Good build quality, nice grip
    2. HDMI, mini-usb, usb, micro-sd, 3g best in class interface
    3. Good RAM, default flash could have been better
    4. Tegra2 is blazing despite half-baked android support for it; blame it on google

    BUT….. ROMs from NIH/TR saved my investment from becoming trash

  7. Franky says:

    i think the adam has a major potential to become a great tablet. Adam2 is a serious option, next to my adam1. The only problem i still have is that the company setup is bad. I don’t even wanna talk about support.
    If they could increase the level of customer & tech support, a great future is ahead.

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