Tabletroms News -7/7/2011
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After a holiday weekend in the US, it’s time to see what’s new at Tabletroms. First off, Zerofeel has announced that Roebeet will be stepping back from tablet development for a while. For those of us who have seen and used Roebeet’s work across several platforms, we will miss him greatly. Thanks for all your efforts and good luck going forward.

The GTab Honeycomb Alpha rom was updated on 7/6, posted by tlbardelljr. Some of the features include overclocking, PC mounting, ad hoc support, and external sd access. As this version is fairly new, we are still waiting for feedback from users. As always, be prepared to nv flash if something goes wrong.

Notion Ink Adam has seen some developments also. Lincolnep posted a new HC rom, HC-16 New KV. Users report it to be very stable. Wifi seems improved, and Flash works in the Opera browser. Mr. Guy meanwhile is hard at work at HC17, and we look forward to seeing his latest version. Blazingwolf released EdenX 2.7.1, along with some alternate kernels. The kernels provide support for NTSF r/w, CIFS, PPP, Tun, and serial usb.
David1995 came up with Cromnia, a modified Beast rom. There are 2 versions, one standard, the second with Clemsyn’s overclock capabilities(to 1.5Ghz). Damski’s gps fix is incorporated, as well as updated Notion Ink and Gapps. Several other tweaks are also added.
Thinkdevoid’s Gingerbread Red Aurora was also updated. Clemsyn’s overclocked kernel is again used for this rom, as well as Mrguy’s Adamgps. Users are reporting Quadrant scores of around 6000, which is very impressive. And it’s the only rom where you can use Netflix.

Altogether an exciting week. And Tabletroms is closing in on 7,000 members, with around 100 people per day signing up as registered members. Keep spreading the word and help us grow even faster.

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  1. dune says:

    Thanks for the newletter. Please keep it up.

  2. oramj says:

    Cheers for the updates, where can we find HC16kv? Best -oramj

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